zaterdag 5 november 2011

Your Professional Dream!

marleen by totemtoeren
marleen, a photo by totemtoeren on Flickr.
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Professional Dream Vision:

Creating a world where we support each other , using our personal power, passion and talents.

Professional Dream Mission:

Using our power, passion and talents to empower everyone to live from your authentic source and to fulfill personal & professional Dreams by improving mental, physical and financial health.

The Professional Dream Experience:
The professional dream experience is a 4-hour workshop where we offer you a inspiring and energetic evening with lectures, fun and exercises. We have the following subjects which will be varied with surprising elements and professional networking:
1 - Turning bullshit into profit
2 - Dreams & Clarity
3 - Fun & Success
4 - Events
5 - Beauty, Wellness & Health
6 - Image & Lifestyle

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