maandag 3 maart 2014

Promote your Organisation Worldwide with Promote4you


-Have an idea. A brilliant idea!! And want to Yell it and Sell it around the Globe!
-Have a great product allready and want to grow global!
-Have a great service and want global attention!
-Have developped a great APP or Application and want to sell it global!
-Are a great photoprapher, or painting artist or ... and want global attention!
-Have a great Webshop and want to grow and  sell international!
-Are a great Blogger and you are ready for the World!
-Have a great Cause and want to share this around the Globe!

Now you need a Network to grow global to  sell and share your products / services / causes WordWide!

our answer

Promote your Organisation Worldwide with the Promote4you Network, your Global Business Connector!
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promote your organisation worldwide with promote4you
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maandag 25 november 2013

Get your Minì Now! ..... at ...!!

Ultraverde by Promote4you
Ultraverde, a photo by Promote4you on Flickr.

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Welcome to the MINì's Fantastic world!

A Minì is more than a small plant, it is a world of its own, a living plant to grow!
More than just a simple plant, the Minì will live inside its small capsule until it is ready to be transplanted and grown on like a normal plant.
Nature and growth are the keywords of the Minì, but every Minì has a different meaning.

zaterdag 29 juni 2013

Lifewave ... Live Long . Live Well ... Lifewave

Lifewave by totemtoeren
Lifewave, a photo by promote4you on Flickr.
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LifeWave's Mission Statement

Our mission is to maximize human potential, giving people around the globe the ability to live long and live well. Our technologies offer freedom from pain, natural energy, restful sleep, dramatic anti-aging benefits, and protection from harmful radiation. Our business offers an unparalleled opportunity, freeing yourself from the mundane by taking control of your life and future now.


Aviva Burstein by totemtoeren
Aviva Burstein, a photo by Promote4you on Flickr.

With iWowWe, you've got a comprehensive video communication suite that will deliver more power, more impact, and more features than any other option.

vrijdag 28 juni 2013

Executive Search and Mission-Critical Recruiting in the Game Industry..welcome by mary-margaret Network

mary-margaret by totemtoeren
mary-margaret, a photo by promote4you on Flickr.
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Our Purpose

Building connections to create stronger careers, companies and industries.
Mary-Margaret Walker
Mary-Margaret Walker is one of the most sought after game industry experts in executive recruitment, team building, social media sourcing and executive consulting.  Mary-Margaret entered the games industry in 1991 working for Richard Garriott at Origin Systems and then Trip Hawkins at The 3DO Company.  After six years in game development she started Mary-Margaret Network in 1996.  Mary-Margaret Network has worked with all sizes and types of companies in many locations around the world, most notably, Electronic Arts, Disney, Microsoft, Sony, Indiagames & Activision.  Mary-Margaret is entirely unique in her longevity in the industry, her previous game development experience and her deep and wide relationships around the world.