dinsdag 1 november 2011

Friendly Label: Your e-shop for unique decorations, handmade objects,antiquities and many other things that will make your home beautiful.

Friendly Label by totemtoeren
Friendly Label, a photo by totemtoeren on Flickr.
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My dear visitor,
If you’ve got so far, you already know my name: Friendly Label and also know that I am an online shop. Now it’s time to tell you something more about me.
I was born on 30th of March, 2011. I am still very young, but I dream about growing up and becoming an e-shop “star”. I was “conceived” on a November night, last year, upon an idea that came up when 3 friends met to chat and have a cup of tea. My place of birth is Romania, to be more precise Transylvania (pretty famous thanks to Bram Stoker and the Dracula’s legend).  Anyway, to be clear from the beginning, I don’t have anything to do with the vampires. (Only that I am a True Blood fan :d ).
At my place you will find all kinds of things that I love: unique handmade objects, antiquities, vintage style objects, cheerful home decorations, and many others. I believe that all of these have a magic component that will make your house joyful and smiley.  If you stop by, it would make me very happy if you write me a few words, your first impressions, what you like, what you dislike, give me and advice or just tell me something about you, just to know each other.
I don’t intend to become a great business when I grow up, I really wish to become a great online place where you will always return with pleasure, where you will always find something that you like, where you will always find a friend: ME (friendly is my middle first name).
All these being said,  I can hardly wait to hear from you. Have no fear: I promise not to send you advertising e-mails of any kind. I am so fed up of them myself. I consider that if I have an RSS Feed, anyone can be up-to-date, if chooses so.
I wish you a friendly & happy day!
Friendly Label

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