woensdag 2 november 2011

Confluence Media: Life is made out of stories, not atoms ...

confluence by totemtoeren
confluence, a photo by totemtoeren on Flickr.
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My name is Elza and I design websites since 1996. I started as a webmaster and established Confluence Media in 1998.
Back then, online media was called Multi Media. I figured that name would’t last long so I picked a more lasting name for putting in to words what media combines: Confluence.
Ever since various names went by. From Multi Media to Online Community to Social Media.
In 2006 I gave birth to a beautifull son: Philemon. In 2008 his little sister Pauline jumped (literally) into the world. I paused my desktop work for 4 years to find a whole new internet in 2011.
March 2011 is my restart on the web. I am so happy that I don’t have to build complete websites from scratch. I am so happy that everything is connecting. I am happy for tools like Facebook and Twitter to do the work for me.
At the end I think all this online media has only one purpose. That purpose will be revealed soon.

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