zondag 13 november 2011

Atlantic Yacht Nordic: with a high focus on providing customer solutions

Atlantic Yacht Nordic by totemtoeren
Atlantic Yacht Nordic, a photo by totemtoeren on Flickr.
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Welcome to Atlantic Yacht Nordic.
As agents for the Dutch shipyard, Atlantic Motoryachts, we are here to consult and provide you with the best advices regarding your new yacht project.
Atlantic Motoryachts shipyard is located in Workum, in the north part of Holland, with easy access to the Atlantic Sea. The shipyard has built Sporty motor yachts, Cruisers and Superyachts, since 1985. Today we also build Sail yachts and Catamarans up to a size of 25 meters.
The yard is specialized in custom/tailor made vessels, with a high focus on providing customer solutions.

The interior, as well as the exterior is important, to make your sailing experience not only safe, but also comfortable for all members onboard. We give you the unique possibility, of having the full influence over the entire design and colors, allowing you to model your yacht to suit your sailing life and your own personal style.
Not only is our yard famous for its quality and outstanding designs, but also for the capability to build Super and Mega Yachts. The close cooperation with the finest designers, naval architects and other shipyards, will provide you with a yacht which is value for the money.
With our unique web based design tools, it is extremely easy, to be in full control of the entire design process from your own computer. It will save you a great deal of travels to the shipyard during the building process.
We can provide you with the latest CO2 saving technology´s available and you can decorate the interior, ecological.
The shipyard has been awarded for its Designs, Quality and Yachts of the year.
To give you even better service, we can also offer you our winter storage in Workum during the wintertime, and take the opportunity to maintain your yacht in our shipyard. If you need transportation to/from the shipyard or to other places, in the world, we can help you with the safe transportation of your yacht.
Our dedicated and enthusiastic Atlantic Team sets an honor in delivering excellent service, quality and products, that will live up to your highest expectations.

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