woensdag 2 november 2011

ResumeBear Track Down the Job of Your Dreams

ResumeBear by totemtoeren
ResumeBear, a photo by totemtoeren on Flickr.
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Resume Bear provides the most novel, powerful resume delivery system on the planet by empowering its
members with innovative and proactive tools.


For many, the job search can feel like wandering through a complex maze, complete with twists and turns and false pathways leading to nowhere. The job seeker wastes time trying to figure out the maze, gets frustrated, and in some cases never finds the way out.
ResumeBear is an online technology and people solution based in Solana Beach, California. Our dream is to turn the maze into “amazing”, to create a positive, professional and rewarding career search experience for every job seeker and to bring serious and qualified candidates, prepared for the interview and prepared for the position, to our employers.
We believe in making a difference for you, the job seeker and you, the employer…and we believe in giving back. That’s why a portion of our modest job posting fee is donated to support our children and our military veterans.⃰
Far more than a major job board (although we are that, too), ResumeBear provides new technology, expert guidance, and all the resources you’ll need in one location to help you find your new career. Consider us your pathway to the job of your dreams with the resources to enhance your confidence and effectiveness in today’s hyper-competitive job environment.
  • Need help with your Resume? We’ve got experts (real people) who can create a professional resume that will help you get that all-important interview. Worried about sharing your personal information during the job search? No problem. Get our free (really) identity theft protection service.
  • Are you an on-the-go kind of person? Then download our mobile app and you can send and track your resume and job applications right from your smartphone. This exclusive feature of ResumeBear makes it a snap for you to take control of your job search anywhere, anytime!
  • Too busy to keep checking for new job postings online, but you know the good jobs go fast so you don’t want to miss out? That’s ok. Just tell us what kind of job you’re looking for and we’ll send you a text or email every time there’s a new job posting in that field.
  • Maybe you’re a Facebook fanatic, a terrific Tweeter, or a LinkedIn legend. But are you a pro at professional social media to give you the best opportunity to land that great job? We’ve got you covered with expert tips and guidance through our searchable ResumeBear blog and our online, self-paced social media training course.

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