zondag 23 oktober 2011

XeeMe: Organize your social footprint

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About XeeMe

XeeMe is a social media software company focusing on social presence management. A "XeeMe" lets users or brands organize, grow and monitor their social presence. With the growing diversity of social online engagements, presence management became more and more important. XeeMe provides easy to use way to concentrate all profiles and presences on one page and helps its owner to quickly grow popularity. The XeeMe analytics help users monitor their progress and success, learn about network relevancy and are able to compare themselves or their brands with others. XeeMe has the largest number of supported networks and the most sophisticated analytics of its kind.

The Palo Alto, California based company started in 2010 and has users in over 100 countries. More info on or +1 (650) 251-4002.

What is our innovation?
XeeMe created a sophisticated algorithm to measure social presence popularity and site relevancy. Unlike many scores that are based on a person's push into the market the presence value is measured by the attractivness of a presence measured by the engagement of a market.

What does it do for you?
You can now take all your social media profiles, sites and tools and put it into one, well organized place. XeeMe provides you with a personalized page and URL to share your presence wherever you go and provides a unique way of accelerating awareness for your social presence. The integrated analytics provides you with the all data you need to measure progress and success as well as compare your effort with others. And as you advance in your quest perfecting your social presence, you will find asditional applications and tools to support the even most advanced requirements.

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