donderdag 27 oktober 2011

Momma Cuisine! Making Great Everyday Meals!

Momma Cuisine by totemtoeren
Momma Cuisine, a photo by totemtoeren on Flickr.
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Momma Cuisine’s Mission
Momma Cuisine is a food, cooking and lifestyle blog meant to show busy mothers, (working and SAHM) that making “great everyday meals” can be achieved with using simple ingredients and basic cooking techniques.  I am an advocate for meals made from scratch as much and and often as possible, and believe that it helps to create a healthy lifestyle and makes people aware of the ingredients that go into their food. I believe that when armed with the basics, anyone can learn how to expand their cooking repertoire and become a great cook!
Goals for the website:
  • Give readers ideas on simple, creative, and delicious recipes for homemade meals.
  • Create a community where moms can come and learn and share their recipes to help empower other busy moms to make “Great Everyday Meals”.
  • To show people that great food can be made with simple ingredients and basic cooking techniques.
  • Showcase great products and ingredients that will help the everyday home cook with their cooking tasks.
  • To encourage families to eat together more often.
  • To provide resources like magazine articles, other blogs, websites, cookbooks and others to help us all make better choices in cooking and eating.
Goals for the Momma Cuisine Community:
  • Connect moms with other moms throughout the whole country in an environment and space where they can share cooking tips, recipes, health and lifestyle ideas.
  • Create community groups where moms can connect with like-minded moms in their cooking style.
  • Connect brands with moms. Bring brands who have products that can help the busy mom in their quest in making “Great Everyday Meals” as well as achieve their lifestyle goals.
  • Build a platform where busy moms can come and find answers to their cooking and recipe questions through recipe sharing, article contributions and brand engagement.
If you have any further questions please send an email to

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