zondag 23 oktober 2011

Dementia SA - Managing alzheimer's and dementia care

Dementia SA's primary aim is to provide innovative services and support to address the challenges faced by people with dementia, their families, carers in formal and informal settings in South Africa. We believe in strengthening community awareness and understanding of all forms of dementia and advocate for training and education in ageing communities. It is in these communities where there are many elderly who are vulnerable and at higher risk of developing a dementia and exposed to various forms of abuse as a result of memory and cognitive impairment.

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  1. tweet: Dementia SA Managing alzheimer's and dementia care! more info follow @lynnethackeray and/or check link

  2. Nice post about Alzheimer's Care, really this will increase day by day. But we are responsible for providing the nursing care, health care facilities for senior or disables people. Our communities understand the unique need and provide the special environment to the seniors.

    Dementia Clinic