zondag 23 oktober 2011

Free Life Coaching Sessions at

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Welcome to

If you are looking for FREE coaching, you've come to the right place! Sign up here and get FREE coaching !

Are you a trainee coach offering free coaching sessions? Sign up here and find your clients !


"Just to thank you for this site. Within a short while of signing up I've already been contacted by people looking for coaching. I've also contacted other coaches on this site." - Oma Edoja

"Such a great website and service you have set up, I'm so glad I came across it." 
Helen Jeffery

" is a great idea - having one central place where potential clients can search for a coach can make the process so much easier.  As a trainee coach looking for practice clients I was approached by a few people who saw my profile on the website.  Well done for coming up with the idea." - Cheryl King

"It is a great site for trainee coaches to get in touch with clients.  I have had several emails from individuals looking for a coach." - Lisa Partridge

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