dinsdag 14 februari 2012

Osaka BENtures ... Japan International Business Solutions

Osaka BENtures by totemtoeren
Osaka BENtures, a photo by totemtoeren on Flickr.
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What I do, why I do it

Web Application Design (Currently specs-drafting, planning, wire-framing and team-building)
I conceptualized TagBag from what I saw during and after the big Japan earthquake: the latest news, often unbiased, and urgent please, were all over Twitter.  Those affected were soon tracking the best amateur sources of news and pleas for housing, water, etc. via Twitter.  We were not all tracking each other as followers in Twitter, and while that would take time, but we could easily and immediately track #hashtags.  What I saw was that people did not know what tag to use – and would often try to fit two and three hashtags, such as #loveforjapan, #savejapan, #jpquake, #japanearthquake, and #prayforjapan – in hopes that we were following one or more of these.  A little research told me that actually, the most used was #jpquake, and I stuck with this tag when I had something related to the aftershocks, the flooded region, the Fukushima nuclear reactor, thousands of people stranded without food, clothing etc., to share.  When we had something big to share about what was happening, or how to help, we wanted our tweets to be seen; we yearned to know what hashtags the most people were following.  Read more

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