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Rapid Value system from Terry Rota

Rapid Value system by totemtoeren
Rapid Value system, a photo by totemtoeren on Flickr.
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So What Is The Rapid Value System?
The Rapid Value System has been created, tested and perfected by expert salespeople and business growth experts in the financial services industry. It may seem like a simple system to the outside observer but don’t let that fool you as it operates at a deep psychological level with your clients. Others have tried to copy components of our system but none have even come close to our success rate.
The Rapid Value System works like this:
  1. You meet with a client and gather information using a specially created questionnaire called the Fact Find (You already do 80% of this now when you get the Asset and Liability statement). The Fact Find gathers data on their current financial position and what goals they want to achieve in their lifetime and during retirement
  2. You then offer to take this information and provide a comprehensive report for them which outlines how they can achieve all of this for a one-time fee of $500
  3. You take this information and input it into an online form
  4. We analyse the data and send you back a personalised 45 to 50 page report (called the Life Style Builder System) for your client – branded with your own company’s details – which includes details on how they can achieve their financial goals
  5. You then offer to implement the Lifestyle Builder Report for a low investment of just $5,000
  6. From the Lifestyle Builder Report you will then:
    1. Secure a mortgage for your client
    2. Obtain insurance for your client
    3. Assist in the acquisition of the income producing assets your client needs to achieve their goals
And This Leads To More Sales For You
Your client ends up buying multiple products from you while paying you a $5,000 fee to do it. You also increase client loyalty as they’re committed to following their comprehensive Lifestyle Builder Report to ensure they reach all their financial goals.
Plus you end up with commissions on all the products the Lifestyle Builder Report recommends. These commissions can add up to $15,000 or more plus they come back to you as they require more mortgages, insurance, financial products and real estate over the years.

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