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I’m proud to introduce the excellence of Watkins. You can order any of our fine products directly from our online catalog. And I hope you’ll also consider joining me as a Watkins associate-there’s untapped potential for big earnings no matter where you live in the U.S. or Canada.
Watkins is repeatedly named among the top business opportunities in North America. Watkins has outstanding products and a top-notch compensation plan. Plus, if you join under Watkins through me, you’ll be a part of the Summit Group, one of the largest and fastest-growing organizations of Watkins associates. The Summit Group provides free training and support that can help you develop a significant income (we’ll even give you a FREE website to promote your business). You can build a Watkins business online or with traditional methods. It’s fun, interesting, and there’s no pressure to ever do more than you want to. You can get started today for just $39.95 plus tax!
Click here to learn how you can earn income with us or Join me today for as little as $39.95.
Our team’s free Prospecting website (an exclusive perk when you join our Summit Group team, is just one of the benefits of joining our team! Why not get started today?
Whether you want to shop at a discount, retail the products, or use our team-building method (simply buying the products and sharing the business with others)- a Watkins business on our Summit Group team can work simply into your life-style, on your schedule, and can be quite rewarding.
J R Watkins Natural ProductsBrowse at your leisure through more than 350 products from our 140-year-old heritage. You’ll find all the time-tested favorites: Vanilla, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Spices, Salves, Lotions, Liniments, and many more. These are products that can save you money as you serve better meals, maintain your family’s health, and make your home more inviting. There’s never a risk—all Watkins products are 100% money-back guaranteed. If a product doesn’t work out for any reason, just call our toll-free customer service line for an immediate refund. Shipping is FREE on orders over $150.00 (U.S. or Canada). You’re going to love using Watkins products in your home!
I look forward to serving you.
Anne Thomas
Phone: 877-602-1251 (Toll-free)
Phone: 404-585-1244

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