vrijdag 15 mei 2015

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Business Promotion Global with Promote4you!

Business promotion with Promote4youHi I am Gerrit Bes and started this initiative recently to give Businesses and/or Brands the possibility to make advance of my global social media network and to make advance of the social networks from the other advertisers on this site. Because that will be the power doing Business Promotion Global with Promote4you , expanding each others social media networks and businesses now and in the future!
Ok, you do not understand the idea? Well Imagine all advertisers will frequently (daily, weekly) share there own Post/Advertisement on their Social Media Networks, like I do! This will attract visitors to come to the site and while looking around, they also see your advertisement too. You will be seen because of the visibility we  will create.
Imagine how meany daily visitors we can create, when everybody do there own share on regular bases! I will do everything to make this happen and to Promote4you social media sharing
grow together! Ofcourse it also depends on how many advertisers we have on the site. The more the better.
Beside that, daily we will also share  interesting Last Social Media News around, to create extra and new visitors around and maybe new advertisers!
We are also busy to create Promote4you communities on Facebook, linkedin and Google+. The communities are already created but start sending invitations to the communities, will start later in the process. Step by Step. Ofcourse you can allready join, because all communities are open.
Now you think, why not buying website traffic? or buying followers on Twitter or buying followers for your FB page etc etc!
OK, you can do that and it will look impressive for the outside world on first sight!!! Nothing more…
I am allready pretty a while on the social media since 2007 when i started my linkedin account, so mark my words!
You can’t buy engagement on the social media to attract people doing business with you!
Therefore you, do your Business Promotion Global with Promote4you! Go to the contact page to see how to create your advertisement!

Wishing you happy networking and doing great Global Business together!

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