donderdag 7 maart 2013

Promote4you Your Global Business Connector

promote6 by totemtoeren

Promote4you is a free service to share and promote your Business through our Social Media network. 

On daily bases we share Company pages from this blog through our network to create attention, visitors and connections for you.

We are  active on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more! The  networks grows everyday, so If you like this Free Service and want to be part of it, just contact us!

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dinsdag 5 maart 2013

Invest in a Cause!! DES Daughter Network

Desdaughter1 by totemtoeren
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My DES journey started with a miscarriage. When I started bleeding after 11 weeks of pregnancy, I vaguely remembered what my mum told me when I was a teenage girl about the DES drug she had been prescribed when she was pregnant which may prevent me from having normal pregnancies or even worst from knowing the joy of being a mum. When I miscarried, this information kept somewhere in the back of my mind came back at once.
Being diagnosed DES daughter meant I would most likely never be able to experience the joys of pregnancy and motherhood. I may never give a daughter or son to my husband; grandchildren to my parents and in-laws. Additionally, I may be under higher risks of developing other health problems such as cancer. I was promised to live the rest of my live with fear, stress, anxiety and guilt to name just a few of the many emotions that went trough my mind the day I was first called .