zondag 15 april 2012

IMCG International Medical Consulting Group

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Who we are?

International Medical Consulting Group (IMCG) is an International patient medical service provider having the main office in Germany and representative offices in Canada, USA, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. We cooperate with partner clinics and hospitals as well as ministries of healthcare worldwide.
Our team consists of highly qualified consultants working together to ensure you receive the best health advice and provide you with the up to date treatment.
We provide you with first or second opinion, complete check-up and full medical treatment according to your requirements at the leading hospitals.
We offer you through our regeneration program team the latest medical and alternative medicine therapies at our pronoun esthetic institutes.
Our specialists provide services for Individuals and insurance companies looking for proof of insurability when applying for various insurance policies.
We provide study and training opportunities and facilitate research and academic carrier advancement.
We provide you with unique and comprehensive patient oriented services.
You can get all the tips about traveling to Germany from us.
Our team takes care of all requirements including visa arrangement, accommodation, flight booking, transport, translation, food and other daily needs to make your visit and stay with us as comfortable as possible.

Our Philosophy   Excellent consultants network meeting your needs in your best interest 
Through our comprehensive consulting and synergies with partners You can expect a lot from us:

  • Quality
  • Competence
  • Privacy
  • Cost efficient
  • Patient orientation

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