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David Sanger Photography

David Sanger Photography by totemtoeren
David Sanger Photography, a photo by totemtoeren on Flickr.
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For the last twenty years I have made my living as a travel photographer, going places and photographing for magazines, books and now primarily stock photography. After all this time it never fails to amaze me that here so many interesting people and places in this world.
For a nice writeup of my travel photography work check out this recent feature inPhotoMedia.
In addition to the travel work I shoot for corporate, shipping and non-profit clients including Bank of America, Exxon, the National Park Service, Clorox and Interorient.
Coming from a tech background (quite a few years in corporate systems and consulting in a past life) I’m fascinated by technology, web design, data, communications and social media, especially how these offer photographers new opportunities for expression and for business.
I am a strong believer in public service and have been a board member and past-president of the Stock Artists Alliancerepresenting stock photographers worldwide.
You can find my images and license them at Getty ImagesAlamy Images and also directly from this site (delivery viaPhotoshelter)
When I am not working you can find me rock climbing, counting up airline miles, hiking in the East Bay Parks, hanging out with my family or exploring obscure corners of the intertubes.

Contact Details:

email: info /at\
voice: 1-510-526-0800
snail: PO Box 6100, Albany CA 94706 USA [San Francisco Bay Area, California]

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