dinsdag 20 december 2011

T3KD The future delivered today

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TECHNOLOGYis what makes the world go round. Without it we wouldn’t have computers, phones, watches, tires, plastic, refrigerators, television, video, radio, the Internet, just to name a significant few. Without it we wouldn’t have reached the moon, wouldn’t have instant replay in Football, and we wouldn’t have airplanes. Even something as simple as the written word has been affected by technology. This world of technology moves fast, in fact it moves faster and faster everyday. Our goal here at T3kd is to cover the most important parts of this technology. Our mission is to report the facts, but also to add in our own opinion and analysis of the facts. Technology news is available all over the Web. Here at T3kd we strive to tell you what it all means and how it affects your daily life. In addition to the news and opinion pieces, we give you weekly how-tosreviews, and podcasts. T3kd was founded in January 2010 as Vulcan Tech Online. In May 2010, we rebranded to T3kd. In October 2011, we reached our 1,000 post published, and in November 2011 we reached our 100,000 unique visitor. While we continue to grow, our coverage remains as focused as ever. With a growing staff, we are able to cover more and more news, offer more reviews and tutorials. If you would like to find out how to join our team, go to our jobs page. You can follow T3kd on Twitter or on Facebook, you can also +1 us on Google+.
T3kd is just a small part of the Blogs Media Network family. Blogs Media Network, formerly Media Network, was founded in June 2011. It currently consists of T3kd,, and We will soon be expanding with a App review site, a Book review site, and a gaming site. Make sure to check out the site for more details. You can find us on Facebook here, and on Google+ here.
We would like to take this space to tell you a bit about the people who make T3kd what it is. Without these fine people T3kd would not be. You will not find a better group of people on the planet then those who dedicate parts of their busy lives to make T3kd grow. They come from all over the planet. From the US to Canada to Ireland and Romania. These men and women make up a group of people who all have unique and special backgrounds. It is their unique perspectives that make the culture of

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